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pain 哂 [peɪn] 胆 [pen] n. 黙祐仕薦 vt. 聞´祐逗司后軍蔦 vi. 湖欺黙祐子軟黙祐 n. (Pain)繁兆(吭)伝咀(躯)塗咀(隈)屠(哂)套咀 箭鞘 No pain,no gain.匯蛍勾堙匯蛍辺資。

宸乂簡議号舵頁挫簡+簡硫ful= 侘否簡 pain+ful= painful hurt+ful= hurtful

pain n. 黙祐仕薦 vt. 聞´祐逗司后軍蔦 vi. 湖欺黙祐子軟黙祐 n. (Pain)繁兆(吭)伝咀(躯)塗咀(隈)屠(哂)套咀 簡怏玉囂 in pain 祐逗 abdominal pain 弦祐 back pain 嘘祐 no pain 短嗤祐逗参四 chest pain 俟祐 feel pain 湖状欺...

under pain of 離宀夸鞭(蝶嶽)侃沓泌惚離郡夸(參蝶嶽恟兆)胎侃 under pain of death 侃棒侈 eg. We'd better be back on time, under pain of death. 厘断恷挫梓扮指肇音隼祥頼軌阻。 So the king issued a proclamation for all marriageab...

Sorry to be a pain 載凖唆徭失撹阻匯倖綜繁凵軍議繁 褒囂斤孚 pain [哂][peɪn][胆][pen] n.祐逗; 震逗; 綜繁凵軍議繁[並麗]; 附悶蝶何蛍議黙祐[音癖]; 箭鞘: 1. Larger factories appear to be benefiting from the pain. 号庁熟寄議垢皆...


Fort Minor - Remember The Name 編油http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjA1NDY3NDcy.html 和墮http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&rf=idx&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=+Fort+Minor+-+Remember+The+Name+&lm=-1

flow - sign 恬簡:kohshi asakawa 恬爆:takeshi asakawa i realize the screaming pain hearing loud in my brain but i'm going straight ahead with the scar 仝梨れてしまえばいいよ 湖じなくなっちゃえばいい々 価(す)りむいた伉に固(ふた)...

ache峺隔偬議咨咨岻祐謹喘潤栽塀pain峺ache頁悶坪祐泌遊祐慮祐 pain頁悶翌鞭彬祐 蝶嶽殻業議黙祐。

suffer 才 pain 議曝艶壓噐万断議簡吶才簡來。 壓燕器^祐逗 ̄議囂吶扮suffer 才 pain 械竃嶬斃匯囂廠嶄。貫簡來貧傍suffer 頁強簡pain 頁兆簡惨售片緝亘毅pain 頁擬咀suffer 頁潤惚軸嗤^祐 ̄嘉氏嗤^祐逗 ̄議湖状。箭鞘 Without pai...

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