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by the way 英音:[bai ðə 'wei] 美音:[baɪ ðə 'we] 1.顺便提一下 By the way, do you have any idea where the post office is? 顺便问一下,你知道邮局在哪儿吗? 2.在途中

by the way 英 美 顺便说说,顺便问一下;在途中 双语例句: 1.You can tell by the way they talk with her. 你可以从他们与她谈话的方式中就可以看出来。 2.By the way, what do you think about this Team? 顺便问一下,你认为这个队的水平如...

by the way表示顺便再说一句、还有,多用于口语; in addition表示除此之外、还有,多用于书面语。

by the way翻译为:顺便说; 顺便问一下 例句: 1、Love to Bob, by the way. 请便代向鲍勃问好。 2、By the way, why not drop in for a drink this evening? 顺便说一句,今晚到我家串门喝一杯怎么样? 3、By the way, do you live with your ...

你好!By The Way的英文简称是BTW。 求采纳,谢谢亲!

in the way是挡在路上 on the way是在路上,(人生路,去火车站的路····) by the way是顺便说一下 in a way是在某种程度上 in this way是用这种方式 意思完全不一样咯····

Standing in line 一字长蛇阵 To see the show tonight等待好戏上演 And there's a light on表演时间开始 Heavy glow 灯火通明 By the way I tried to say我不会错过 I'd be there…waiting for一定要捧场 Dani the girl 女孩惊现 Is singing son...

by the way 表示:顺便问一下,顺便说一下 What time is it by the way, Tom? 汤姆,顺道问一下,几点了?

你好! by the way 英[bai ðə wei] 美[baɪ ði we] [词典] 顺便地,附带说说; 顺便一提; [例句]By the way, how did your seminar go? 对了,你的研讨会进行得怎样?

by the way adv. 顺便说说;顺便提起 By the way, what happened to the money? 顺便问一句,那笔钱后来怎么样了? on the way 在途中, 接近 in the way adv. 挡道

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